Jonathan Loe , Founder and Dreamer-in-chief

Jonathan Loe, Founder and Dreamer-in-chief


Jonathan's love of tailoring began as teenager when he inherited his grandfather's Harris tweed blazer.  It fit a little too snuggly with its narrow shoulders, slim sleeves, and shorter length. It changed the way he moved and made him feel an elegance and sophistication he had not yet known.  It also turned heads! Jonathan was hooked!

Jonathan's career in the 'rag trade' began with Aquascutum in 2002 as a sales temp.  Since then he has the good fortune of working for some of the greats of menswear like Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, and Philip Start with whom he helped build the Mr Start brand.  In 2015 Jonathan changed direction and joined Apple as a leader and was part of Apple Watch Selfridges and the Regent Street teams.   It was during this time that Jonathan dreamt of a better way to make great tailoring available to all. Inspired by what he was learning from Apple and also the romance of the tailoring tradition he'd been steeped in, he set out to make tailoring with a heart as well as history!

FAUSTUS was founded in 2015 to help others discover the transformational power of well-made clothing.  Clothing to make heads turn, to augment the best of the wearer and help them to feel more like themselves, more like they'd wish to be.