How FAUSTUS Suits are made


At FAUSTUS we believe in a life custom made.  We also believe that what is made should also last the test of time which is why we've put so much effort into ensuring that our garments are not only beautiful and made to feel great but also reliable through your many adventures.

As in all traditionally made suits, the canvas is what gives our jackets structure and shape. Made of a mixture of horsehair and other natural fibres, the canvas is loosely sewn (not glued) to the inside of the outer layer (the fabric) of the garment permitting a small amount of movement or play between the two layers. This 'floating' canvas allows the garment to drape more naturally, feel more comfortable when worn, and to mould itself to the body of the wearer.   All of our garments are made with a 'floating' canvas in the two methods described below.   For the devotee we also offer a fully handmade option too!    


Full Canvas Construction

This is the traditional way to fully canvas a suit. The canvas extends over the chest down to the hem of the garment as in the section coloured red in the diagram.  When combined with great fabrics these garments become the trusted 'best friends' in the wardrobe and you will find yourself reaching for these garments more frequently!    


Half Canvas Construction

This is our entry level construction and our most popular. You still get the benefit of canvassing over the chest, lapel, and front shoulder area but because the canvas doesn't extend all the way to the hem it is more cost effective.  


What we do not do!

We do not offer a fused construction. Fully-fused garments are more commonly available as ready-to-wear because they are significantly cheaper to make requiring less time and skill to construct. Fused garments are so named because the two layers described above are glued together to create shape.  The result is a garment that does not allow any movement between the layers making the garment feel more restrictive, stiff, and unadaptive.  They look good on the hanger but over time the glue will either give out (being over heated by dry cleaners) or break both of which are irreversible.   

Fully Handmade Construction

The fully handmade construction is truly the jewel in our crown!  It comes standard with the fully canvased construction as described above but also with the benefit of being fully constructed by hand.  While it is more costly it is the epitome of luxury and refinement.