The Process

At FAUSTUS we believe that man is much more than his measure and that your custom-made garments are an external embodiment of what you are inside.  In order for us to make to you truly great custom-made clobber that helps you express what you want to the world we take time to understand more than mere measurements and options.  After all, it is you who brings the clothing to life.   Below is a summary of the process of ordering a FAUSTUS suit.  

To begin the process you will need to book an appointment here.  You can either choose to have an overview of the service or book you first fitting.   


First Fitting 

  • Select your fabric from 1000s of fabrics from the best mills in Italy and the UK.  See our Pricing Guide
  • After trying on a variety of our samples to get the feel of a FAUSTUS custom made garment, we'll take numerous body and garment measures to ensure the best fit 
  • Choose your garment style and numerous other options so that you can make the suit uniquely your own  
  • Choose how you want your garment made. See our Construction Guide
  • The first fitting usually takes about an hour 
  • We then take a deposit of 50% of the total price

Second Fitting

  • Our garments are made by our expert craftsmen and delivered in 4 - 6 weeks      
  • Two weeks before your garments are due we will be in contact to schedule your second fitting  
  • Try on your custom made garments for the first time
  • Should any final adjustments or alterations be required we get this done within the week 
  • The second fitting takes between 15 - 30 minutes
  • Only once you are happy we take payment for the remaining 50% 

The Future

  • All of the patterns we create for you are stored indefinitely making the process of additional orders simple and straightforward
  • We save all of the variations of your orders so you can be as creative and varied as you like
  • The process described applies to all of our garment types:  shirts, trousers, waistcoats, jackets, suits, and coats.